Learn Taekwondo



Taekwondo is a modern Martial Art, founded in Korea in 1955 by General Choi Hong Hi. Taekwon-Do martial artists employ both hand and foot techniques that are designed to achieve maximum power based on scientific principles. It is an excellent tool for both physical and mental development. At MMAA we teach every aspect of Taekwon-Do, keeping classes fun and varied. You will learn new techniques, pad work, controlled sparring and self-defence. Our syllabus, experienced instructors and top-quality facility makes Mains Martial Arts Academy one of the best Taekwon-Do schools around. Our athlete development program is available for those who wish to take taekwondo to the next level and represent their country in international competitions.


Kids taekwondo

Taekwon-Do Kids is a modern program which has been developed by the ITF over the last 6 years to specifically benefit children as young as 3. As a family friendly martial art, Taekwon-Do has been widely recognised for the advantages it brings in terms of child development and behavioural improvement. This program has been especially designed to be interactive and engaging with the little ones and consists of teachings that go far beyond the art of defence and can instil qualities and skills that can easily benefit as they grow older.

It’s an ideal activity for children as it utilises the whole body and incorporates natural movement. Children will learn how to perceive and recognise potential threats that are all too common in today’s world and are taught how to deal with them appropriately. The TKD Program extends beyond self-defence to encompass the teaching of self-protection, important life skills and character education. Every parent’s paramount concern is their children’s safety, so we include safety orientated lessons that focus on topics such as dealing with bullies and strangers.