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Miss Lauren Main started her martial arts training in Flur-De-Lys in 2001. 

Miss Main originally started her martial arts journey because she was bullied as a child. She got hooked on Martial Arts very quickly and she was eager to start competing as soon as possible. 

Miss Main was soon competing and winning many local and national titles. She was selected to represent the Welsh National Taekwondo team and traveled around Europe and the World competing and finishing on the podium in many prestigious events that earned her a very respectable reputation in the martial arts community.

Miss Main originally founded her Martial Arts academy back in 2016 and has produced many national champions. Miss Main has a very passionate and uniquely motivational teaching style which brings the best out in all of her students.

The academy was formed with zero students in a school hall but quickly expanded into a full-time academy where her club was rebranded from Taekwondo Wales Port Talbot to Main’s Martial Arts Academy. Miss Main hopes to build many more academies in the future. 

The aim of the Academy is to offer valuable life skills through Martial Arts tuition and to produce many more champions. Not only in competition, but also champions in life, as a result Miss main won NPT PASS Coach Of The Year in 2020. 

The beauty of Martial Arts can only be seen by those who participate in it. It is our goal to ensure that we are reaching as many people as humanly possible with this incredible gift. 



taekwondo Instructor

Evelyn lean

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