Fighting Fit


Our Fighting Fit classes are by far one of the best ways to get fit! They are filled with fun and enthusiasm whilst blasting out some absolute workout bangers. You’ll get a full-body workout without even realising it and at the end of every session, you'll walk away feeling mentally and physically motivated and prepared to take on the day ahead. No prior experience is required. You'll be training amongst a range of students of mixed ability and ages. You'll never have to worry about not fitting in. We're all there for the same reason. A fighter, happier and healthier self.


Fighting Fit is about achieving your own personal bests and continually getting better, fitter and happier whilst learning a few new skills that may one day keep you safe!! It's a favourite of our members & non-members who just fancy something different that works you hard and keeps your mind alive (goodbye boring gym!).

Every class consists of varying workout combinations including pacey warm ups, high intensity cardio, padwork combinations, blitzing sets, strength & conditioning training (so you get to play with all the toys as well!). Plus a generous stretch to cool down that will leave you feeling punished and rewarded!


We never forget… kids are kids, and they deserve to have some fun! We can’t guarantee that their normal school teachers are making learning an enjoyable experience, but we DO guarantee that your kid will have a blast in our martial arts classes. It really is a challenge to design a class that keeps children focused on learning, respect, and discipline while still having fun… but our classes are created just for that. They are so full of ideas, activities, and games that your kids will never get bored or stagnate. It’s also a fantastic and healthy environment for them (and you) to make friends with other like-minded students. It really is a place where laughter, cheer and happiness abound.