Up to 15 Children!



Up to 20 Children!



Up to 20 Children!


> Invitations £5

> Food £3.50pp (buffet or takeaway pizza)

> Birthday cake (price depends on your design)

> Party pots/bags £2pp

Can not recommend this amazing academy enough. My 4 year old absolutely loves the classes and all his teachers. They have so much passion and dedication and are so welcoming. It truly is a little family.

Laura-kate Williams

Amazing club, from the instructors to the family feel and support you get there, 100% recommend especially for younger children. wonderful place to learn how to work hard and respect each other.

Lissa Laing

My little girl come today and felt sick she was so nervous but with Lauran’s encouragement she went in and smashed the class thank you so much x

Rhiann Davies

Taken us in like family. Ourselves and the children train here. It’s the most welcoming place we’ve ever attended. Great to go at your own pace and finding alternatives if you’re struggling. Lauren is brilliant.

KC Pikton

An amazing community of people wanting to learn. Lauren & Lacey make you feel like part of the family whilst Teaching kids on self defence & discipline.

Lewis Young

Amazing academy. Professionally run and managed. the classes are fun and informative and they are linked with some of the world’s best organisations.

Rick Dubidat

Welcome packages are only paid on the first month of your subscription.