Hi I’m Lewis. I will be assisting in functional, high intensity, boot camp style sessions – along with ‘Battle Fitness’ & Co.

Electrical engineering is my background but I have always had passion for sport, fitness & nutrition.

I have represented county level in both rugby & football and also represented Wales in cross country running.

I am a health & wellness coach and I have a passion for helping people make better choices with nutrition by implementing small daily changes into their day-to-day routine to help them obtain the results they want both from inside & outside of fitness.

I have maintained an exceptionally high level of fitness throughout my adult life by remaining disciplined and preparing himself by consistently training in a specific way to keep the mind and body in tune for a healthy, active lifestyle along with balanced nutrition.

I want to help people at all levels make a start to a healthier active lifestyle not just through nutrition but also by training with individuals to prove if you don’t have much time, much space and have minimum equipment then you can still successfully achieve your goals.

Are you training for something specific?

Do you have a particular body goal?

Do you want to be involved in a group surrounded by like minded people who push and motivate each other?



Develop your inner champion.


Main’s Martial Arts Academy – developing champions in sport and in life since 2016.

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