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Chief instructor and founder of Mains Martial Arts Academy, Miss Lauren Main has been mastering taekwondo since the age of eight, for her and many others, the reason for starting taekwondo was because of the merciless bullying she endured at school. Lauren wanted to find a way out by learning self-defence and build up her self-confidence before the bullies could take it away.

Lauren fell in love with taekwondo instantly so she trained as hard as she could with some amazing mentors. She got faster, stronger and more agile as a result of her training. Lauren regained enough of her confidence to start competing in Championships across the UK. She fought well to achieve ITF British, Welsh, Scottish and English Champion multiple times within her category.  Due to her success around the UK, Lauren was later selected to become a member of ITF Welsh Taekwon-Do Team to represent Wales in championships across the world.  This meant Lauren got to travel the world visiting amazing countries like Uzbekistan, Croatia, Estonia and more, a dream come true.

As a result of many successful competitions in the Welsh Squad, her International career began, and Lauren found herself competing at the highest level where she successfully fought her way to World and European medals. Having served in the military she was able to compete and win multiple Armed Forces Championships.

In 2016 Lauren wanted to share the benefits and experiences that taekwondo had given her with others, she opened a Taekwondo, kickboxing dojang and physical fitness centre, dedicated to developing kids and adults of all ages in self defence and martial arts.

Lauren offers FREE anti bullying workshops as a community outreach project, attending local schools to deliver ‘bullied to black belt’ workshops. These take place on a regular basis, along with running self defence classes and seminars for autistic women, this is something that lauren feels deeply passionate about.

Currently training the next generation of champions, she takes satisfaction in watching and helping children develop from a young age, overcoming difficulties and inhibitions and growing into respectful, successful, confident individuals.

It’s hard for Lauren to express in words how much she loves increasing her knowledge of Martial Arts and teaching it to her students. She recommends you join in on a free lesson to see for yourself. The passion and commitment the students and parents put into the club is second to none and they would absolutely love to welcome new members to the MMAA family. 



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