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Learn Kickboxing


These women’s only classes are designed to teach you real Kickboxing skills while our female instructor puts you through a great workout! This kickboxing class for ladies will focus on teaching you how to Punch, Kick, Knee, and Elbow. Kickboxing is a complete body workout with special emphasis on improving Cardio and Strength. Every class has a different focus so that it remains fun and interesting, you also leave every session feeling a little more confident from your new skills. Forget being bored on a treadmill or not being motivated to exercise, these classes will have you motivated, interested and have you picking up some valuable self defence skills.



Korean Kickboxing combines the footwork and technical kicking of Taekwon-Do and the punching of Western Boxing with added traditional Thai boxing blocks and strikes. Korean Kickboxing is for all levels of fitness and ability, the classes incorporate fitness with learning new skills and techniques, so a lot of the time fitness comes without realising as the student is busy learning. The training incorporates, strength, power and endurance, balance flexibility, co-ordination, developing the student’s fitness, ability, flexibility and mobility, not to mention confidence and improved mental health.


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