hannah wittingham


Hi, I’m Hannah. I have a passion and flare for fitness which started at a young age. It has paved my way down a very different and physically demanding professional career path.

My main roles have included that of; A Firefighter, A British Army Physical Training Instructor with ten years military experience and a Bodyguard – in war zones and in high and low profile protection roles across the world and here on U.K. soil.


I have maintained an exceptionally high level of fitness in all my roles by remaining disciplined and preparing myself, by consistently training in a specific way to keep my mind and body in tune for any challenge that’s presented to me.


I want to share my varied way of training with you and prove if you don’t have much time, much space and have minimum equipment then you can still successfully achieve your goals.


I have a proven track record of endurance events, various fitness, strength and functional competitions along with my career has given me the ability to adapt to many different environments and disciplines.


Are you training for something specific? Or do you have a goal?

Do you want to be involved in a group and surrounded by other likeminded people who push and motivate each other?


Using different types of training and methods you can guarantee an all over body workout, challenging but fun here at one of my circuit style workouts



develop your inner champion.


Main’s Martial Arts Academy – developing champions in sport and in life since 2016.

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